What does a succulent hash mean?

or: full of juice. or: highly enjoyable. A succulent hash arrived, and Mr.

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People also ask, what does succulent mean in The Great Gatsby?

succulent. Definition: (adj.) full of juice or sap; juicy. Synonyms: delicious, delectable. Antonyms: dry, bland.

Also, what does lurched mean in The Great Gatsby? Lurched. Moved or swayed suddenly or unsteadily.

In this regard, what is a turbaned character?

hatted (wearing a hat or a hat of a particular kind) Context examples. With an effort I managed to restrain my incredulous laughter. The very phrases were worn so threadbare that they evoked no image except that of a turbaned “character” leaking sawdust at every pore as he pursued a tiger through the Bois de Boulogne.

What does obliged mean in The Great Gatsby?

Obliged – Definition: (v.) to place under a debt of gratitude for some benefit, favor, or service.

What is a hash string?

Hashing is an algorithm that calculates a fixed-size bit string value from a file. A file basically contains blocks of data. Hashing transforms this data into a far shorter fixed-length value or key which represents the original string. … A hash is usually a hexadecimal string of several characters.

What does denizen mean in The Great Gatsby?

denizen. a person who inhabits a particular place. “This is one of his sentimental days. He’s quite a character around New York—a denizen of Broadway.”

What does juxtaposition mean in The Great Gatsby?

the act of positioning dissimilar things side-x-side (usually to contrast)

What does hauteur mean in The Great Gatsby?

Disdainful pride

What is unthoughtful sadness?

When Nick tells us that Daisy speaks’ with an expression unthoughtful sadness’ it is by no means clear what response we should make. What exactly is “unthoughtful sadness”? … Nick’s harsh way of describing Daisy makes it seem as though she cannot think or truly be empathetic.

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