Where can I farm aloe vera?

The plant of aloe vera is well grown in bright sunlight. With high sunlight, hot humid and high rainfall provide high growth in aloe vera agriculture. For plant cultivation, high drained land and 1000-1200 mm rainfall is the ideal cultivation and biggest reason for the highest growth of aloe vera.

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Subsequently, is aloe vera farming profitable?

From each plant of Aloe Vera around 3.5 kg of leaves can be obtained and on an average, the leaves from one plant are sold at Rs 15- 18. This way the farmer can easily earn a profit of up to Rs 8-10 lakhs i.e. almost 5 times the cost of production.

Consequently, how do you start a aloe vera farm?

Then, which aloe vera plant is best for farming?

Soil and Climate

Disease infestation is caused by shady environments. It is quite sensitive to stagnant water. As a result, well-drained highland should be used for farming. For aloe vera growing, rainfall between 1000 and 1200 mm is excellent.

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